CHROMATROL FIREPAD is an iPad editor for the Rhodes Chroma CC+ analog synthesizer.

It is using the iPad app TB MIDI stuff. FIREPAD is programmed by Firechild , initial photoshopfile is made by Matt Thomas.

All 50 parameters is accessible from one single screen , a button will switch to EDIT B.

It is programmed on iPad Air but will work on earlier versions as well. You need to buy TB MIDI stuff from the iTunes store to be able to load and use the FIREPAD file which is available as a zip file HERE.

Read the installation instructions in the included read me file.

The FIREPAD is free , however a small symbolic donation can be made if you like the editor a lot.

The Editor is using tooltips meaning as you turn a knob you will see text or numbers  (depending on what is relevant ) showing the parameter value. In this screenshot I am turning the ENV1 ATTACK MOD knob and the tooltip is showing 5 -VELOCITY.

The Editor is also using picklists which is useful in the MOD section. You touch the screen and then a picklist will show up and you pick a value from the list.

The Editor has an extra page with useful information about  patch algorithms and parameter lists. There is also room for more features in the future.

A good resource for the great Rhodes Chroma: www.rhodeschroma.com

A resource for music created on vintage synthesizers. www.firechild.se

For questions about the FIREPAD email info@firechild.se

( Don´t worry if it says the musical world of Evan )